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As a New Mexico pastel portrait artist, my passion is studying People....all kinds. Should someone become a new subject for a portrait, the elusive quality called, the essence of their being, is what is most important for me to convey.

Welcome to my website…..glad you decided to meet with me.

I strive to convey realism……even a 3-dimensional quality. If you are at all familiar with my work, you will know that I don’t work loosely, nor do I want to. I want my portraits to produce in the viewer, the feeling that the subject is actually living and breathing; and if you could reach out and touch the painting, you could even feel the warmth of the subject’s body.

What really turns my creative juices on is my appreciation for the Spirit God has placed in Hishuman masterpieces……the potential of an everlasting spirit. That’s what animates humanity.

Some people just seem to have faces, but there is something called the countenance that exists much more deeply than just the facial features by which we recognize each other. You really have to look deeply to find it in some people, but I just keep looking……’s there, along with a person’s essence; those are the elements I want to captuArt-box-2re in a portrait.








I am a participant in The Portrait Society of America and the New Mexico Art League
sponsored show...


I just won "Best of Show" for "Midsummer's Daydream."

I am so pleased that my painting "Najajo Smile" was juried into this year's show of the Pastel Society of New Mexico's 5th Annual Small Works Show. This painting won 1st place at the SMALL WORKS SHOW OF THE PASTEL SOCIETY OF NM NATIONAL SHOW 2013.
I also sold a painting, entitled, "Plains Child", which was included in the annual show itself. Please see:.




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